Spectinomycin is an older antibiotic from S. spectabilis whose structure contains an unusual tricyclic ring. Spectinomycin is sold under the tradename Trobicin among others, is an antibiotic useful for the treatment of gonorrhea infections. It is given by injection into a muscle.


In the process of spectinomycin bio-fermentation, there are many bacteria, protein, macromolecular pigment, insoluble starch and sub-micron particles in the fermentation broth. The presence of these impurities can cause blocking in the post-ion exchange adsorption or pollution in the post- extraction ,affect the extraction and purification efficiency and lead to the decline of the quality of follow-up products, and even feed contamination, resulting in product scrap, so industrial production must be separated to remove such impurities.

Clarification fermentation broth is usually done by plate frame filtration, vacuum drum filtration, diatomaceous earth filtration, centrifugation and other methods.

However, neither of these methods can completely and effectively separate the impurities in the fermentation broth , which can easily cause blockage and frequent replacement of filter medium, thereby affecting work efficiency.

With many years of experience in filtration and membrane separation technology  in the pharmaceutical industry, ceramic membrane filtration technology and organic membrane ultrafiltration technology are successfully applied to fermentation broth clarification process to solve the problem of clarification in the production of fermentation broth which achieves the goal of simplifying process, convenient operation , clean production requirements and development of advanced scientific and technological innovation.