Aiming at the purification of nano-powder with good dispersion, such as nanocatalyst and ultra-pure non-ferrous metal,  ceramic membrane can effectively remove the impurity ions in the slurry and efficiently prepare ultrafine ultrapure nano-powder. Compared with the traditional process,ceramic membrane process can save water consumption 30% or more , at the same time can effectively avoid the problem of material leakage , filtrate turbidity, large amount of washing water and high labor intensity which lies in traditional plate frame , high -speed centrifugation and other cleaning methods

Range of application

1.Rinsing of nanometer titanium oxide, zinc oxide, alumina oxide and other oxides

2.Rinsing of nanometer barium titan ate, barium carbonate and other nanometer inorganic salt;

3.Rinsing of nanometer silicon dioxide, aluminum powder and others;

4.Rinsing of nanometer kaolin, montmorillonite and other minerals;

5.Rinsing of nanometer medicament;

6.insing of nanometer titanium silicon molecular sieve;

7.Rinsing and retentation of nanometer catalyst.

Technical characteristic

1.High filter accuracy, filtering pore diameter can reach the minimum of 1 nanometer

2.High retention ratio of superfine powder, some expensive powder has no loss

3.Rinsing effect is optimal, impurity content is low, thus can make super-high purity of superfine powder;

4.Permeate solution is clean and transparent, free of particles and pollution

5.Amount of washing water is little, can save clean water 30% above;

6.Washing process parameter can control, contributing to the dispersion of powder

7.Only is a pressure driven separation process, separating equipment is simple, convenient operation;

8.The PLC full-automatic control, the labor strength is low;

9.Integrated with reverse osmosis membrane filtration equipments making pure water, the total operation cost is low.