Concentrated milk proteins (MPCs) and isolated milk proteins (MPIs) are produced by membrane filtration and their dairy proteins are separated from fresh skim milk. They combine rich calcium with good thermal stability and refreshing mouthfeel. They are rich in casein and whey protein in the same proportions as skim milk.

Milk protein concentrates are widely used and are ideal for cheese products, artificial products, dairy drinks, infant nutrition, medical nutrition products (enteral foods), weight management products, powdered dietary supplements and sports nutrition products.

In general, milk protein concentrates provide a concentrated source of protein for sensory and functional properties in the final application process to meet nutritional value. Condensed milk protein serves as an alternative to whole milk powder (WMP), skim milk powder (SMP) and other milk powders, providing the same protein, or as a non-fat milk solid (MSNF). Compared with ordinary milk or skim milk powder, concentrated milk protein with high protein, low lactose characteristics.

The traditional ultra-high temperature sterilization process will destroy many of the active nutrients in milk but low-temperature ceramic membrane filtration technology completely subvert the traditional high-temperature sterilization of milk .The process is that to make natural fresh milk fluid through ceramic membrane and avoid heat denaturation of the protein, fully retain 99% of active immunoglobulin and 95% of lactoferrin and a variety of natural vitamins, milk calcium , minerals and trace elements and other nutrients in the state of low temperature and ensuring safety at the same time.