Apple juice in the press process will bring a lot of impurities in pulp, pectin, starch, plant fiber, microorganisms, bacteria and other impurities, Due to high sugar content in apple juice, microorganisms and bacteria are easy to breed which makes apple juice fermentation ferment and deteriorate.

High temperature sterilization will result in product discoloration and loss of flavor. The traditional filtration methods (diatomaceous earth, framed filter) can not completely retain the impurities, can play a temporary clarification. Under the influence of time, temperature, charge,re-flocculation of dissolved impurities form visible matters, resulting in apple juice turbidity and precipitation.

Macromolecular impurities such as plant fiber, starch, bacteria and other impurities in apple juice are completely intercepted to realize the clarification and impurity removal of apple juice by crossflow microfiltration.

Cross-flow design is adopted to solve the problem of filter clogging.