Membrane separation processes are widely used in the production of beverage materials and the treatment of water for drinking. The technology can be applied to deacidify, debitter, clarify,concentrate and filter vegetable juices.  It plays an important role in the improvement of product quality , the increase in output and the decrease in production cost. 

Vegetable juices are used due to convenience. The juices are rich in various minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. To process the juices and their clarification and/or concentration is required. The membranes are being used for these purposes. These processes are preferred over others because of high efficiency and low temperature.

Membranes and their characteristics have been proved for knowing suitability of membranes for vegetable juices. Membrane separation is low temperature process in which the organoleptic quality of the juice is almost retained.

Ultra filtration method combined with the enzyme treatment method than conventional vegetable production’s strength lies in :