Membrane crossflow filtration is becoming the unique alternative to kieselguhr filters in wine industry with the developments in environmental and health regulations.

Now, membrane crossflow filtration technology potential for energy-efficiency has made it an viable technique for the clarification of wine and other beverages.

Crossflow filtration uses a selective porous membrane that filters a liquid in order to purify, or clarify it.The quality of the filtration is constant over time because the fouling is reduced because the filtering is made without any change of state of the filtered element, and never gets distorted. Membrane crossflow filtration is an environmentally-friendly process. During the filtration, no filter aid is used. In one step, crossflow filtration clarifies the wine, giving it a clear appearance and making the wine microbiologically stable. So it has very strong advantages in simplifying the steps before bottling and reducing or eliminating the need for some consumables.

Advantages :

1.stable filtrate quality

2.Maximum guarantee the sensory properties of the wine

3.Optimized process

4.No filter aids required

5.High yield

6.Reduced filtration costs & product losses

7.Smart, compact, small footprint