Straw is an agricultural by-product, the dry stalks of cereal plants, after the grain and chaff have been removed. It has many uses, including biofuel, livestock bedding and fodder, thatching and basket-making.

Cassava is a tropical root crop, one of the world’s three major sources of potato starch (potato, cassava, sweet potato) .Cassava is mainly used as feed and starch extraction. Cassava starch can be made of alcohol, fructose, glucose, maltose, MSG, beer, bread, biscuits, shrimp, fans, sauces, and plastic fibers, plastic films, resins, paints, adhesives and other chemical products.

Cassava has been recognized as a promising renewable resource for alcohol production in the world. Membrane separation technology has been used for clarification saccharification solution in the process of alcohol production by fermentation with cassava as raw material and also for treatment of waste water during cassava starch production.