Enzymes are biologically-catalyzed proteins produced by the metabolism of microorganisms and thus have poor heat sensitivity and are not resistant to high temperatures. However, the traditional process mainly concentrates the enzyme preparation by depressurization and concentration, which leads to the prominent problems of high energy consumption, high enzyme deactivation rate, high cost, low yield and multiple ash, which makes the product market less competitive.

Enzyme clarification membrane separation equipment, the use of advanced membrane clarification and membrane concentration process, can effectively purify and concentrate enzyme preparation. Because the membrane separation is a low-temperature process, so energy consumption is low, product activity is kept intact. In addition, membrane separation is the use of mechanical screening principle of the interception of the enzyme, so that small molecules of impurities and water passes through, so concentrated in the fermentation process can effectively prolapse of inorganic salts and small molecular impurities, the enzyme was purified, improve the enzyme quality .