With the emergence of tea drinks and tea products, tea polyphenols or instant tea powder as a major ingredient demand surge. How to improve the quality of their products and reduce production costs, has become the focus of attention.

In traditional Processing, the tea polyphenol is seriously lost, and the tea flavor is also a great loss. And the tea juice made from the two kinds of raw materials is not clarified and easy to precipitate.

As the increasing development of membrane technology , membrane separation and membrane concentration become the best choice for extraction and concentration of heat-sensitive substances such as tea juice, fruit juices and vegetable juices.

Tea juice is concentrated by membrane at first(can also directly produce instant tea powder or hook on the tea drink) and then extracted polyphenols, although one-time investment is slightly larger, but the operating cost is lower than the vacuum concentration method, and the amount of extraction solvent is reduced , product quality is significantly increased, reducing the phase transition of active ingredients in tea (such as EGCG) and the loss of aroma compounds in tea.Caffeine, tea polyphenols, theanine, instant tea powder or direct hook into tea drinks can be directly produced.This process has less emissions of pollutants with good technical and economic advantages.