Membrane technology can be used in the production of sugar cane juice drinks, original brown sugar; "Membrane - resin process package" can be used for production of refined sugar, high-quality sugar, primary sugar , raw sugar and edible syrup which replaces the traditional one-step, two-step method in the process of liming, sedimentation,,plate-frame.

"Membrane resin process package" has unique advantages of clarified sugar cane juice, without muddy, without adding chemical reagents, effective interception of microorganisms,reduce energy consumption, short process, small footprint ,achieving CIP cleaning,good regeneration performance, long service life.


Continuous ion exchange technology is a completely innovative separation technology, which is based on the traditional fixed bed resin adsorption and ion exchange technology, combined with the continuous countercurrent system developed. Through continuous ion exchange, can make separation column in a process cycle to complete the adsorption, washing, regeneration, eluting.

The advantages of continuous ion exchange technology :

① compact structure, less piping, small footprint
② high resin utilization, can reduce the amount of 50% -70%
③ high product yield, concentration and purity, and stable
④ washing and chemical reagents consumption less, save 50% -70%
⑤ little waste emissions, greener

"Membrane - resin process package" advantages

① can effectively filter clarified cane juice, the product is not muddy
② without adding chemical reagents, reduce solid waste emissions
③ high production efficiency, reduce labor costs, improve product quality, improve sugar yield
④ high precision membrane filtration, which can effectively intercept microorganisms
⑤ reduce follow-up evaporation energy consumption by 50% and production costs
⑥ short process, compact , small footprint, reduce capital costs
⑦ membrane and resin can achieve CIP cleaning, good regeneration performance, long service life

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