A large amount of wastewater contaning high concentration of organic matter is produced in running of slaughterhouse, the slaughterhouse wastewater is one of the largest organic pollution sources,which main come from slaughtering livestock breeding, poultry,fish slaughter processing.

The characteristics of the slaughter wastewater are as follow:

1.with the color of blood red mainly caused by blood

2.With the smell of blood mainly caused by the blood and the catabolism of protein

3.With a large amount of suspended matter mainly including the dirt like hair, meat scraps,bond dust,the impurities in the visceral, undigested food and fecal and so on

4.With high animal grease

5.With a large amount of Escherichia coli

Slaughterhouse wastewater are commonly pre-treated by screening, settling, blood collection, and fat separation ,followed by physicochemical treatment, including DAF, coagulation /flocculation, and /or secondary biological treatment. Although the organic matter and nutrient removal can achieve high efficiencies , the treated slaughterhouse wastewater effluent usually need further treatment by membrane technologies.