The manufacture of coated paper is a major industry worldwide.The application of coatings in some systems produces excess coating material that is lost from the process. The expensive coating materials are also lost during wash ups or cleaning of the coater, as well as from the preparation of the coatings in the coating kitchen. The diluted coating stream from the coating operation is typically discharged to the effluent treatment plant increasing the solids load on the effluent plant as well as losing the value of the coating material from the process.

To better meet the requirements of both ecology and economy, the filtration of diluted coating streams allows a paper mill to recover concentrated coating material for recycle and reduce overall solids discharge. The treatment of diluted coating streams in most cases provides a significant cost reduction to the coated paper mills operation.

Technological advances in membrane filtration systems have created an opportunity for the coated paper mill to treat diluted coating streams in order to reduce the environmental impact of effluent systems and recover valuable coating materials.

We provides an alternative approach for processing diluted coating applications and a concentrated coating stream and also reduce BOD, COD, TSS, TDS and color to provide a high quality permeate stream for discharge or reuse in the process.