Oilfield water discharge on standard / zero discharge / high quality injection

1.ultra-fine water treatment in oil and gas field

qualified reinjection water can be obtained at one time using ceramic membrane integrated system to treat oily wastewater in oil and gas field (up to Grade A in SY / T5329-2012  standard).


With the continuous development of oil and gas fields, the water quality of the produced water is more and more complicated and the processing is more and more difficult. The traditional backwash filter is prone to cause filter material hardening, the filter media is not thoroughly cleaned, the water is not qualified and the life span is short, covers a large area and has other disadvantages, but ceramic membrane system using efficient "cross-flow" filtration, with high filtration accuracy, short process, small footprint, high integration, water stability and other characteristics ,It has been proved by field test and engineering cases that it has good treatment effect on water flooding, polymer flooding and ASP flooding produced water.

Fields of application:

① Oilfield produced water

② fracturing return fluid

③ drilling waste

④ gas field produced water

2.membrane treatment in oilfield conventional water flooding produced water

Conventional water-flooding technology is widely used in onshore oilfields and offshore oilfields in China. For low permeability and ultra-low permeability reservoirs, water injection quality directly affects the development effect of the oilfield. The ceramic membrane technology is used to finely treat the water flooding wastewater (patent number: 102225812A), and the water quality of the effluent reaches Grade A standard.

3.membrane treatment in oilfield Polycondensation / ASP Flooding produced water

Due to the fact that the polycondensated sewage is very complex, with the characteristics of large viscosity, high degree of emulsification, complex composition and difficult biodegradation, the traditional process can not meet the demand of oilfield production. The oil and suspended particles of polycondensated sewage are removed to achieve the requirement of water injection in low permeability oilfield when using pretreatment integration ceramic membrane process(Patent No .104071919A).