Printing and dyeing sizing wastewater alkali reuse technology patent is the use of ceramic ultrafiltration membrane technology to concentrate sizing wastewater, which the permeate directly backs to the sizing process, water and caustic soda are reused fully after treatment resulting in zero discharge. The technology has achieved industrial scale applications, and access to a national invention patent.

① Dyeing and sizing wastewater contains a large amount of refractory slurry, the slurry into the sewage treatment system, increasing the difficulty of biochemical treatment, making sewage treatment costs increase. Printing and dyeing sizing wastewater also contains a higher concentration of caustic soda (0.5% ~ 7%) and a certain amount of refining agent, with a high recovery value.

② using ceramic ultrafiltration membrane technology, the printing and dyeing sizing wastewater concentration treatment, membrane treatment of the permeate directly to the sizing process, including water and caustic soda, etc. can be completely reused to achieve zero discharge of sewage treatment.

Refined water from a dyeing plant in Nantong is treated by ceramic membrane technology ,project design daily capacity is 500m3 or more, yield meets the workshop reuse requirements.

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