Civil purified water defines life from "core", only for a good cup of water

Products include household water purifiers, public water fountain machine, building direct drinking water, emergency water supply .

Household water purifiers include ultrafiltration ceramic membrane water purifier, reverse osmosis water purifier and leading ultrafiltration water purifier.

1. Ultrafiltration ceramic membrane as the core of ultrafiltration membrane water purifier, which has no bacteria, no smell, easy to clean, long life advantages.The water purifier filter accuracy is 0.05μm which effectively removes colloids, bacteria, viruses, suspended particles and other harmful substances, and retains beneficial trace elements and minerals to the human body.

2.Reverse osmosis technology as the core of reverse osmosis water purifier which adopts Microfilter reverse osmosis membranes imported from US. The RO filter has high desalination rate, filtration accuracy up to 0.0001μ,can effectively remove water bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, calcium and magnesium ions, organic compounds , antibiotics and other harmful substances. At the same time the water purifier has the function of intelligent display filter life, automatic washing, high-end elegant appearance and so on.

3. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane as the core of the leading water purifier which uses imported medical grade ultrafiltration membrane and imported coconut shell particles activated carbon.We are committed to building a healthy living water.

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With a good core , For healthier water