Direct drinking water system

According to different water quality and demand, JIUWU building direct drinking water system takes reverse osmosis technology as the core water treatment process and performs deep treatment on tap water to remove impurities such as harmful heavy metals, organic matter, bacteria and viruses in water, offering a safe drinking water of high quality. The system can also be linked to the energy-saving water machine through a dedicated health pipeline.

The system can be customized as user needs ,boiled water, warm water, water at room temperature, ice water and so on are applicable for office buildings, offices, hotels, guest houses, schools, hospitals, factories and other places.

① inverter control automation to reduce energy consumption

② imported reverse osmosis membrane + high-quality activated carbon combination

③ stainless steel &long service life

④ advanced technology& stable operation

⑤ Exquisite appearance& cost-effective

Energy-saving boiled water machine


Energy-saving boiled water machine

Energy-saving boiled water machine can be connected with direct drinking water machine, can also be used alone, can be customized.

*Health: boiled water and warm water are treated by high-temperature sterilization, Warm boiled water is cooled after boiling.

*Power-saving: Patented heat exchange technology, 81% power-saving can be got by drinking warm water.

*Safety: Intelligent water control, water does not open without boiling , avoid drinking raw water.

*Rugged construction: All stainless steel shell manufacturing, nice and generous.

*Automatic control: water-shortage protection, automatic cut-off power supply, safer