Industry and application-specific solutions:

JIUWU HI-TECH has provided skid systems for the food& beverage, chemical industries, as well as skid-mounted systems used in the waste & water treatment industry.

We have added considerable capacity in this area in anticipation of increased demand.

This type of device assembly offers many advantages over conventional on-site construction.

Benefit from high-quality work with less site disruption.

With built-in flexibility for customer installation, we equip this unit to your specific requirements.

Accelerate your project with our skid-mounted device.

Manufacturing skid systems—large and small—is our specialty.


*A.pre-filtration unit

*B.feed unit

*C.ceramic membrance unit

*D.control unit

*E.CIP unit

Advanced technology applied with real-world expertise

Our highly qualified engineers and draftsmen are not only masters of advanced technology, they also have the real-world expertise to apply it for maximum effectiveness.

We design and fabricate across the full spectrum of different applications to meet the distinctly specialized needs of the industries and companies we serve.

Advantages of skid-mounteddevice are:

  • Low overall investment costs 
  • Easy installation &relocation
  • Short delivery time through an integrated fast track execution 
  • Reduced on-site erection and hook-up time  
  • Manufacturing under workshop conditions (fast, clean and reliable) 
  • Qualification test prior to delivery 
  • Total responsibility in one hand, thus fewer interfaces for you to handle