Electrodeionization (EDI) is a kind of pure water manufacturing technology which combines ion exchange technology , ion-exchange membrane technology and ion transfer technology.

It combines electrodialysis and ion exchange technology skillfully, and used the high voltage at both ends to move the charged ions in water and cooperate with ion exchange.

The electrolyte is separated from the electrolyte solution by using selective permeability of ion exchange membrane, driving an external DC electric field under the potential difference powered, anion and cation moves respectively to the anode and cathode in order to achieve the purpose of concentration, desalination, purification and purification.

The electrodialysis device mainly consists of two parts: electrodialysis body and auxiliary equipment. The electrodialysis body is made up of three parts:  membrane reactor, polar area and  clamping device. The auxiliary equipment refers to all kinds of liquid tanks, pumps, DC power and water inlet pretreatment equipments.

Advantages :

1.Low power consumption

2.No chemical regeneration, acid and alkali savings

3.Continuous operation

4.Stable water quality

5.Convenient operation and management

6.Low labor intensity

7.Low operating costs


*water, microelectronics industry, semiconductor industry, power generation industry, pharmaceutical industry and laboratories

*Pharmaceutical distilled water

*Water for food and drink production

*Chemical plant process water